Facebook – Bridge Hints and Weekly Quizzes

Once a week (usually on the weekend), I post two hands for bidding practice (North and South). Readers can post their answers. A day or so later, I post my recommendations and analysis. The more practice you have with bidding, the better and faster you will be able to make decisions. Communication is so important when bidding so I explain the messages sent by the bids. Together, you should find the optimum contract for you and your partner.

Like and follow my Facebook page (A Teacher First) so you do not miss out on hints for bidding and playing bridge. These hints are based on my experience teaching beginners. Sometimes they are useful pieces of information which have helped me, taken from various bridge articles or books.

The hints and quizzes are geared towards beginners, but can be used to generate interest and stimulate discussion with all skill levels.

When I post the answer for the quizzes, I also post one of the missing hands. (The 4th hand can be set up by default.) This will allow you to set up the complete game. You may wish to bid and play it with friends. It’s another good way to learn.

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