Weekly Bidding Quiz

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Each week (usually on Saturday) I post one problem showing North and South hands. After a day or two, I post the answer. If you have Facebook, you can see the postings and comments from readers.
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Don’t use Facebook? For those who don’t, I will post the current quiz on this page. I will delete it each week and add the new one.

These questions are geared towards beginners, but can be used to generate interest and stimulate discussion with all skill levels.

Suggestion: Set up the two hands (North and South) and deal out the remaining cards randomly to East and West. Bid and play — see if it works out the way you think it would.

Week of Sept 23, 2017:

North’s hand. What should North bid?
(Although you can see both hands, try to pretend you cannot. Your decisions must be based on the messages and the information given by the bidding only.)





South’s hand. How will South respond to North’s bid? Try to predict the bidding between North & South (assuming no interference from opponents), the final contract, and the results (how many tricks can be taken).






Will be posted in a few days.