Three Beginner Lessons to introduce “2 Over 1” Bidding

Note: “2 Over 1” is often abbreviated as 2/1. GF means Game Force (total points in partnership = 25+)

If you are just learning to play bridge, I recommend that you start by learning the standard rules. There is already so much to learn when you start bidding and playing without adding more complications than you need.  The 2/1 rules can sometimes be very overwhelming and confusing. In fact, when I play with partners who use the rules, we occasionally forget the rules because we may not have used that bid for quite some time. When you do not use something regularly, it’s easy to forget. You must know when 2/1 rules apply and when they do not apply. You must be very alert at all times to the bidding order. There is much more to remember when using 2/1 rules compared to standard rules.

However, once you are bidding and playing at a comfortable level, then it may be advantageous to learn some 2/1 rules. If nothing else, it may help you understand what your opponents are bidding. The 2/1 bidding system can be valuable for more precise bidding, especially at the slam level.

Here are three short and easy lessons to get started with 2/1 bidding. The 2/1 bidding system depends on where you are sitting around the table, who is the dealer, who passed and who bid first.

If you can master these three lessons and want to learn more, there are many books available and lots of lessons that you can take beyond these three. Good luck!

1)  2/1 Game Forcing (GF) Bids and 1NT Forcing:

Lesson 1 – 2 Over 1

2) Bergen Raises and Jacoby 2NT:

2 Over 1 – Lesson 2

3) Reverse Drury:

2 Over 1 – Lesson 3

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