Teaching Bridge – Lesson Plan and Resources

Note: Eventually (maybe by June), I hope to offer the resources for all the lessons.
For now, here is an outline of my curriculum for a beginner bridge course with a description of my teaching methodology:

Beginner Bridge Course and Teaching Methods

Here is a detailed description of my lesson plan for Lesson 1:

Lesson 1 – Detailed Lesson Plan

Here is a brief summary of my first lesson with links to handouts:
(Click on each link to access them, download and print.)

1. I review “Starting the Game – Bidding and Playing“. As part of that, I use Bidding Hands for Sample Games #1 and #2 (below) so they can see all the hands. These sample hands are shown and are to be printed in a size that is suitable for students to hold in their hands, as they would real cards (print using landscape orientation):

Lesson 1 – Bidding Hands for Sample Games #1 and #2

Then the students play the hands using the duplicate board (or deck of cards) which I have prepared.

2. I teach Lesson 1 on “Opening 1 of a Suit” from this website up to Page 4. (They can review Pages 5 and 6 later; I cover that information as part of the next “hands-on” section of the lesson.)

3. I use Bridge Hands #1-#24 which have been printed, cut out and one set ready for each table. These hands can also be “pasted” into a PowerPoint slide show. There are other creative ways these bidding hands can be used. (E.g., print a copy for each student without cutting them out.)
Lesson 1 – Bidding Hands 1-24

I review Teaching Points for Bridge Hands (#1-#4) with the class.
Lesson 1 – Teaching Points for Bidding Hands

4. After students finish bidding the first hand, I check their bids and explain the application of the rules and how to start “thinking like a bridge player” when analyzing the hands. 
Lesson 1 – Answers and Analysis of Bidding Hands

5. They put those bids away and continue with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hands. I check the bidding after each.

6. I review Teaching Points for Bridge Hands (#5-#8) with the class; students bid the next 4 hands, and so on until they have finished all 24 bidding hands, if there is enough time.  If I don’t finish them all, I use the remainder at the start of the next lesson.