Lesson 2 – Teacher Resources *NEW*

Lesson 2 covers opening 1NT and responses. I have simplified Lesson 2 as much as I can. It is even simpler than some beginner books. Students can easily become discouraged as this can be a difficult lesson to learn.

When teaching, I refer to Lesson 2 “The Easy Way” from this website and emphasize the concepts. I print these opening hands for them to bid and coach them through the analysis. (Note: Print the hands using landscape orientation.)

Opening Hands for Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Opening Hands and Analysis

This should give them a good grounding to understand the criteria required for opening 1NT compared to opening with 1 of a suit. Once they understand the opening bid of 1NT, then they need to put it together with their partner’s hand. This is where the challenge comes in!

Here are the teaching points for Bidding Hands #1 – #24 for Lesson 2. You will notice from reading this document  that the bidding hands are structured to cover one concept for each set of eight hands:  Hands #1-#8 (responding with 0-7 pts); Hands #9-#16 (responding with 8-9 pts); and Hands #17-#24 (responding with 10+ pts). It’s less confusing to focus on one response level first, then the next level and then at game level. The repetition and reinforcement helps them to gain skill and confidence with one concept before moving to the next one.

Lesson 2 – Teaching Points for 1NT Bidding Hands (Easy Way)

Here are the first three bidding hands:
Note: Print using landscape format.

Lesson 2 – Bidding Hands – 1 to 3

Here are the answers and analysis for Bidding Hands 1-3:

Lesson 2 – Bidding Hands Analysis – 1-3

All 24 sets of bidding hands (Opener and Responder) that go with the Teaching Points are available for purchase. (See note below.)* Also included is the answer sheet with analysis. Before purchasing, please be familiar with the bidding hands and teaching points from Lesson 1. If you haven’t used them or don’t like them, this purchase would not be a good idea. These 24 bidding hands are set up using the same structure as Lesson 1: Teach a short lesson, emphasize the Teaching Points, students practice bidding a group of hands focused on that concept with a teacher as a coach, review the recommendations from the answer sheet, address any difficulties, give another short lesson using the Teaching Points for the next group of hands, they practice with those new concepts fresh in their minds, and so on. These bidding hands were carefully created to emphasize and reinforce the concepts learned from Lesson 2 on this website.

The cost is $8 (US). The purchase includes the 24 bidding hands and the answer sheet (analysis).

When you click on the “Buy Now” button below, you will be given an option to pay with PayPal or by credit card. No payment goes through until you authorize it. As soon as I receive notice of your payment, I will send you an email with 3 attachments in PDF format. I usually respond within 24 hours or less. If, for any reason, you do not receive the email from me within 48 hours, please contact me. Email:  info@ateacherfirst.com.

After this lesson, students should be encouraged to self-evaluate using Quiz #2 from this website (Step 1) and then use the Practice Games for Lesson 2 to bid and play.

*Note:  There is no substitute for a good teacher, but I believe that the practice of bidding these hands is extremely valuable for learning and the notes are detailed enough so that it is almost like having the teacher there. If you enjoy my weekly quizzes and my “Hand of the Week” postings, and have used the Bidding Hands for Lesson 1, you will be familiar with my teaching methods and philosophy.