Workshop on NT Advanced Bids – This lesson is suitable for beginner and intermediate level players.

These are the materials for a workshop on NT Advanced Bids.
This lesson can be used to learn and study on one’s own or in a small group, or by a teacher giving a workshop on this topic. All games open with 1NT.
Players practice bidding 4 games on each of these topics:
Game #1-#4: Using Jacoby Transfers, Responder has 5 of a major
Games #5-#8: Using Stayman, Responder has 4 of a major and 8+ pts
Games #9-#12: Responder has 5-4 in the majors
Games #13-#16: Responder has 5-5 in the majors
Games #17-#20: Opener bids 1NT; LHO bids 2♣; Responder must decide how to bid.
Games #21-#24: Opener bids 1NT; LHO bids a suit (2♦, 2 or 2♠); Responder must decide how to bid.

Here is the hand-out sheet (lesson):

Handout on Advanced NT Bidding

Here are the Teaching Points:
Review these points before players bid each set of four hands. This is like a mini-lesson. After each topic is covered, players bid four hands based on that topic, so they have immediate reinforcement.

Teaching Points for Bidding Hands

Bidding Hands:
Print, cut out, and distribute to players. The cut-outs look similar to the actual cards in hand to bid.
This is only a sample of #1 and #17. The complete set of 24 hands is available for purchase.

Sample of Bidding Hands for NT Advanced Workshop

Below is the analysis of all the hands for 24 games. Refer to #1 and #17 for the answers to the above.
Notice that only two hands are given for each game for #1-#16. Only one side will be bidding and the Opener (Dealer) will change for each game so everyone around a table can practice bidding.
For Games #17-#24, all four hands are shown because there will be interference by the opponents.
You will need all 24 hands to use this answer sheet in full. See purchase option below.

Answers and Analysis for Workshop on NT Advanced Bids

To purchase the bidding hands for all 24 games for $5 US, click on the Buy Now button below. The hands will be shown similar to the sample. For Games #1 – #16, only two hands are shown for each game. For #17-#24, all four hands are shown in order to have the opponents interfere in the bidding. You will be able to see that from the answer sheet above. After purchasing, the hands will be sent to you in PDF files so you can print them at home. You should receive them within 24-48 hours of purchasing.