Bridge Primer *NEW*

This primer can be used to teach a small group of players in an informal setting. One person would be the coach. The coach could be anyone who has some basic knowledge of bridge and who does not mind being in charge and doing some preparation. This is a way to learn the rules while bidding and playing, without needing to have a teacher in a classroom setting. Players will gradually learn the rules for bidding, but they will be slowly integrated into real games. The idea is to “learn as you play.” New players may learn the bidding rules more thoroughly this way and understand them better because they are applying the rules directly into a game as they bid and play the game.

This Primer may solve some difficulties which occur when offering scheduled “Learn to Play Bridge” classes over a period of several weeks. Often, my students cannot attend all the classes as they have other commitments. Sometimes potential students cannot take my lessons as the scheduled time interferes with another activity they are involved in. Partway through the lessons it happens that someone gets sick or goes on vacation! As a teacher, I want my students to get the most value for their time and money, yet some would prefer shorter sessions instead of 2-3 hours at one time, for several weeks in a row.

I have created this Primer as a way to teach family, friends or small groups how to play. This way, you can meet when you can find a time that fits everyone’s schedule and it does not have to be at the same time each week, or even every week. You can use this Primer for half an hour or an hour and come back to the next game later. You can pick up where you left off.

I plan to develop more of these games, as I have time, to cover the rules covered in all the lessons on this website. Bridge Primer #1 is just a start.

As is typical with my work, I use repetition and reinforcement and structured, methodical learning steps. I want everyone to be involved so I make sure that each player (N/S/E/W) will be the Declarer, an even number of times whenever possible. I integrate bidding with playing — you need both to see the connection.

I hope that my readers will try this out and give me feedback — positive comments will encourage me and constructive criticism will help me improve my work. Email me:

Please download the Primer and use it to help more folks learn to play bridge!

Bridge Primer 1