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Once a week (usually on Saturday), I post two hands for bidding practice (North and South). Readers can post their answers or just look at the hands. A day or so later, I post my recommendations and analysis. The more practice you have with bidding, the better and faster you will be able to make decisions. Communication is so important when bidding. It’s important to understand what each bid means, i.e., the message you are sending and how it will be understood by your partner. Bridge is a partnership game.

Once a week (usually on Wednesday), I post a “Hand of the Week.” This is more challenging, geared perhaps more for duplicate level players, but anyone can learn from it. A day or two later, I post the results of several tables who bid and played with this hand, so you can compare your skill with others. I also give an explanation and analysis of it. Sometimes there isn’t a right or wrong bid, but a better bid; one that will give you a higher score. Playing bridge isn’t just about memorizing rules. Yes, you should know the rules, but often the bid requires judgment, also. You can develop your intuition and ability to analyse the situation to help you make better decisions by seeing what experienced players did. You can also learn from their mistakes, too!

Occasionally, I post hints for bidding and playing bridge on Facebook. These hints are based on my experience teaching beginners. Sometimes they are useful pieces of information which have helped me, taken from various bridge articles or books.

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The quizzes, hand of the week, and hints can be used to generate interest and stimulate discussion with all skill levels.

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