Weekly Bidding Quiz #356 – Feb 20-21

This quiz is updated each weekend, usually Saturday.
Bidding Quiz #356: How would you bid these hands as partners?

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Answer to Bidding Quiz #356: North has 18 HCP, plus 2 for length. North’s bid is 1♠, showing 5+ spades and 12-21 points.

South has 4 HCP and 2 for length. I wouldn’t dismiss this hand as having only 4 points. South should bid 1NT to show 6-9 points which gives North another chance to bid.

North should jump to 3♠ to show at least 6 spades and a medium-range opening hand (16-18 pts).

South knows there is an 8-card fit in spades. North will be the declarer, so South can add 2-3 dummy pts for the singleton, which puts them close to game in spades. Here’s where South must make a judgment. Should he pass or bid 4♠? I would bid 4♠, but not everyone would.

The computer prediction shows that NS can make only 3♠; however, I think some will make 4♠. Some will stop at 3♠ and make 4♠, wishing they had bid to game; some will bid 4♠ and go down 1, wishing they had stopped at 3♠. Much depends on how the hands play out. EW’s 4-1 split in trump and the ♥King’s position in East’s hand is bad luck.

That’s the fun of bridge! It’s not an exact science! Hope you enjoyed the quiz!