Hand of the Week *New*

“Hand of the Week” will now be posted on this website, usually on Wednesdays, with the results and my analysis posted within a day or two. These postings will be deleted and updated each week, so if you don’t want to miss any, check it out on Wednesdays.

You must make your decisions based on what you can see — the bidding around the table and your hand.

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(See results below.) This one is a bit of a conundrum. Based on the computer predictions, 5 won’t make, it should go down 1. But, five pairs made 5♠, giving top scores to NS. If NS went down 1, they got the bottom scores. So, what is there to learn?

I suppose you can gamble a little bit with 5 and hope the defence doesn’t play as well. Leaving EW in 5 was a better, safer choice. The double for penalty didn’t make much of a difference in the score. I am very careful when I double for penalty. Had EW made 5 doubled, their score would have been 850, the highest for EW.

Bridge is a complicated game, especially in competition. And that’s the fun of it. You will feel very pleased when you choose the better option; and you will likely learn something when you don’t.