Sharing and Celebrating Success in Learning Bridge!

Some of my website visitors use website to teach others how to play bridge.

Here is something special I received from one of my website visitors − a bridge decal which I ironed onto a T-shirt and a beautiful, hand-crafted bracelet. The note included this comment: “Thought you needed these as a thank you for helping make my class better!” Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Marilyn and your group, from Mount Vernon, Washington. And how did you know that I love bridge and I also love bling!

T-shirt and Bracelet

Congratulations to Gail from Abu Dhabi, UAE, who tells me she found my website to be a “Godsend.” Gail got back into playing bridge after 30+ years. Because she loved the game so much, she decided to start teaching beginner lessons to her women’s group. It is often very rewarding for those of us with a passion for bridge to help others learn to play and increase participation in a lifelong game full of fun and challenge. Gail tells me that she found the explanations on my website easy to understand and invaluable for her group, so I am pleased to hear that, and to be of help in some way.

I lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years so I know it well, but I regret that I did not know how to play bridge then, as I could have enjoyed plenty of opportunities to play. These women are very fortunate to have someone like Gail who is willing to take the time and effort to teach them how to play. They will enjoy it for many years to come.

While in Al Ain for a weekend of R&R, this group of 20 bridge enthusiasts basked in the sunshine at their oasis resort surrounded by palm trees, while also enjoying many bridge games. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Congratulations and best wishes to Gail and her group of eager learners!

Bridge Group in Al Ain