More Practice Games

More Practice Games are available which are specifically set up to practice 2/1 bidding rules but they can also be used for any rules, including the Standard American Bridge Rules, the rules which are used for the Beginner Lessons on this website.

These Practice Games were requested by several of my website visitors who previously purchased the Practice Games for the 10 Beginner Lessons and wanted specific practice games for learning the 2/1 Bidding System. They took me many weeks to prepare because I wanted them to have the features outlined below.

See the sample page below. Notice these features:

  1. The sample page shows Board #10 from Lesson 2 with each hand clearly laid out, the dealer and vulnerability indicated. Each set of practice games has 16 boards with the dealer and vulnerability changing each game, coordinated to match the duplicate boards that are used in clubs and tournaments.
  2. The 2/1 bidding system is shown side by side with Standard American. These games can be used to help with applying both 2/1 bids or Standard American. It does not matter which system you use. These games should give you a sense of the difference between the two systems, also.
  3. Notice that the cards are displayed as pictures, the way you would see them in your hand, not using symbols, but actual, realistic-looking playing cards. What you see is what you get! This makes it so much easier to analyse the bidding, visualize the playing of the hand, and to set up the boards for players to use.
  4. If you’ve learned bridge from the ten lessons on this website, you will get more practice and learn more bids to help you expand your knowledge in competitive situations. These games should help to improve your game! You may learn a few more bids which are helpful in competition (e.g. the cue bid).
  5. The 16 games are created specifically to give each player (N/S/E/W) equal opportunities to be the Declarer (about 4 times out of 16 games). This way everyone gets to practice the bidding and the playing of the hand.
  6. The repetition should help to reinforce the concepts better. As always, I try to keep the information as simple to understand as possible. These practice games are meant to be used by beginner/intermediate level players. Advanced level players may use much more complex bids with these same hands.

The new Practice Games are available for purchase by clicking on the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of the 2/1 Lesson page. Click here.