Bridge – Step 3 – More Practice Games

Interested in learning more and improving your game? The first ten lessons and practice games should get you started. But there is much to learn beyond that.

If you are a bridge teacher and have given beginner lessons to a group, consider giving a workshop once a month as an opportunity for your beginners to continue to learn together. There is no substitute for a good teacher, but good resources are helpful and can save you time. Each of these practice game sets took many hours to prepare to ensure they cover the concepts and give everyone a chance to bid and play. The practice games include a hand-out sheet which you can use or adjust to meet your teaching goals. These practice games are a “one-off” lesson and can be used on a stand-alone basis, unlike beginner lessons which build on each other and require attendance over a period of time.

If you are playing bridge socially with a group of friends, you could suggest using some structured games occasionally so your group can learn more together and still have fun. Something different! Some of my “students” have purchased duplicate boards, attend my workshops, and then set up these games to continue learning in their own homes.

If you have finished taking beginner lessons and would like to learn more but cannot find a class to take, you could use these practice games to learn new bids and strategies on your own. Each bid has explanations and guidelines to help you, almost like having a coach beside you.


Here is a description of the “Step 3” Practice Games with information on how to purchase them below:

Practice Games #11 – Competitive Bidding:  Players will apply various bids and rules covered in Lessons 1-10, including overcalls, doubles, the “Rule of 20,” the “Law of Total Tricks,” and how to assess how high to bid. These games will help you learn strategies to deal with interference and competition.

Here’s a sample: Board #1 – Practice Games #11

Practice Games #12 – No Trump Bidding and Strategies: Using Stayman and transfers, how do you show your partner that you have 5-4 in the majors or 5-5 in the majors so you can find the best suit? How do you ensure taking the contract to game when you have enough points to do so, and in which suit? When is NT the best option? When should you use Blackwood and Gerber to investigate slam?


If you wish to purchase these practice games for beginner/intermediate players, please click on one of the “Buy Now” buttons below and follow the prompts to pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card. The cost is $5 US for each set of 16 games. Within 24 hours or sooner, you should receive an email from me with the attachment which you can download, print, and share with your group or your class. Each purchase includes a handout/review sheet useful for personal studying or handing out to your class of enthusiastic bridge learners.


Practice Games #11 – Competitive Bidding – click button below to purchase


Practice Games #12 – NT Bidding and Strategies – click button below to purchase

Teachers: If you have access to an automated dealer machine, PBN files are also available, complimentary, once you purchase the games. Please send me a note to ask for the PBN files: